The application will help you to improve your relative pitch in an entertaining, anonymous and free way, using excerpts of popular music songs. With some effort and regular training harmonic structures will be internalized and you will recognize chords in any musical style.

If you are:

  • An amateur musician of any age who enjoys playing the songs that you like;
  • A music student of any style, specialty and level;
  • A music teacher or professional musician who never got to understand the usefulness of traditional harmony classes at the Conservatoire, because you didn't realize how to adapt these lessons to your daily life;
  • A professional musician with a true vocation, trying to improve all the time and find new ideas and artists;
  • A music theory teacher eager to find new proven methods to aid the progress of his students;
  • Or a music theory researcher,

This is the application you require!

Do you fancy knowing more?

Then check out our step by step video!